Friday, January 2, 2009

May 2009 bring you peace, happiness, joys and fortunes

Dear friends,

Wish you all a wonderfull 2009...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner !!!

Agnes, Thanks for putting this email on the blog.Hope you are well and coping with the slow economy. I suppose people are still getting married and needs their photographs taken.We are doing just ok here and a lot of my colleagues have lost their jobs since.Anyhow, on the brighter side of life, christmas is coming and hope everyone is looking forward to a merrier end of the year.Merry christmas and hope to hear from all of you guys out there.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Email from Eugene Lim

Hi Patrick,

How's things with you and all our friends around the world? We had come a long way since the days at SMK Bintulu. Please find my photo as attached. Now a little bit about myself so far, I came to Australia in August 2005, currently working as a senior technician with one of the Volkswagen dealer here. Two and a half years with the brand (VW), I'm now the third ranked VW technician in Australia after competing in the national finals held in Sydney in September 2008. Still alone as life hasn't left me any chance to settle down with a family yet but looking forward to soon. I spent most of my time in Kuching after KL but room for improvement there is quite limited, so decided to move here. Hope to hear more about you guys soon. Alex Chee was the one who got me the blog address, him and Charles John Antau are in Kuching and we had lunch while I was there a month ago. I was trying to post on the SMK-Bintulu blog but I didn't know how. Blogging is new to me.

Anyway, God Bless and take care

Eugene Lim

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Dear all,
Attached is the photos during CNY gathering and sorry for the bad quality.

Front (from left) : Angelina, Francine Yet, Jane, Sally Hwang, Grace Lee, Chiew Yen, Corrine Ngu
Back (From left) : Tung Joon, Gordon Lu, Kuo Hin & daughter, Robert Song,
Patrick Tay, Liang Kwang
Kneel (from left) : Sally'sr son, Liang's daughter, Liang's son
Sitting (from left) : Gordon Lu's wife & their sond, Tung Joon's wife & daugther, Kuo Hin's wife & son, Jane, Sally & son. Grace, Corrine & 2 son &, daughther (in red jacket), Francine Yet & daugther
Standing(from left) : Liang, Gordon Lu, Tung Joon & daughter, Kuo Hin & daughter, Robert, Liang's wife, Chiew Yen, Sally's husband (Behind Yen), Angelina, Patrick Tay, Francine Yet's husband

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

London Bridge is falling down......

Hello all, quite sometime i didn't c any new posting. Any news to share ?

For myself, we went to London 2 weeks ago, quite fun. We visited London Bridge which is still stand still, London eye, River Theme Cruise, Buckingham Palace, etc...

Hi friend, actually i do have website for fun, if u have extra free time, kindly pay me a visit. :-)

Bye n Cheer

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bristol Kite Festival

Hello guys,

Sent a short movie to all of u in my previous email, showing "Kite Dancing in the Air". It was more than 5MB, so, for those who use hotmail o office email may not be able to get it. I kn Tung Joon & Yen emails were bounced back, hope the rest are ok.

I just kn we cn actually post video here, is it a new function? Also post some photos here.. the photos were dark, it was a cloudy day, u cn c fr the sky.. and very windy.

And this one, Dancing Kite in the air & 3 kites fly together and control by 1 men only. Friends, no kidding, are normal kites, not remote control. I saw it with my own eye..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bristol Balloon Festival

Hi mates,
Wow! We really enjoy the balloon festival, not only the ordinary balloon, but with some special shape balloons. Dont tell me the quality of photo not good - i knew that ^_^

Over 100 balloons were launch on the first day we visit the festival (4 days fr Thursday till Sunday- We went on Friday & Saturday)

Also the nite glow (only on Thursday & Saturday nite), really excited. They lite the balloons together with music, like in a disco party. My sons really enjoyed it and danced all the times. And the firework... anyone, btw, anyone kn how to upload mpeg/3gp or any type of short movie here? I capture some short movie script, but dont kn how to upload here...

Hehe.. manage to upload movie now...

Monday, August 6, 2007


Dear Francis,

Wishing you all the best in whatever you do &
May the Peace & Love of God be with you always.

Monday, July 16, 2007

晶晶, 生日快乐 !

Dear Jane,

On your special day (18/07/2007), I wish you all the best in your undertaking and may the Blessing and Peace of the Lord be with you always.

祝你 : 天天开心, 身体健康, 心想事成

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Francis's Family

Dear classmates,

This is a photo taken in front of my house in Brisbane. Kuo Hin was here in Jan 07 and he would have remembered it....

My wife name is Yin and she is 6-7 months pregnant now. Our first child name is Yun Xi and she is 2 year old now.

Sorry my life is so simple...nothing much to write about.

Francis and the Family (3 July 2007)


Wishing you bunches of Love & Happiness
today and all through your life.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Chin Tung Joon's Family Members

Dear All,
The photo shows my family members as follow:
My wife - Liew Yen Yen
First daughter - Miss Chin You Ann (4 years old)
Second daughter - Miss Chin You Rou (2 years old)
Third daughter - Miss Chin You San (8 months old) be advised.........
See ya..
Chin Tung Joon

Saturday, June 23, 2007


生日快乐 !又老一岁了 哦!
祝你 事事顺意,天天开心,青春常驻
On this special day I wish you Good Health, Happiness and Peace.
May the blessing of the Lord be with you always.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

端午节快乐 or Happy Dumpling Day



For those who can't read mandarin,
here is the translation;
A bunch of Dumpling given to U,
First Dumpling wishing U Good Health
Second Dumpling wishing U Your Dream Come True
Third Dumpling wishing U Happy Always
Last Dumpling May our friendship forever

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Yen & Liang

Happy birthday to both of you!!!!!

Many best wishes to both of you............

Happy birthday

happy birthday buddy..................liand & Yen.......... may god bless you & family


He is Loveable
He is Cool
But most of all
he is expert in evrything &

I would like to thank all of you for your
birthday wishes.


Ohayo! it's getting very.........interesting. i haven't check my mail for quite sometimes already. just managed to join in smk-reunion with the help of ah yen........thanks yen.

walau wei, nice designed house, like it very much. meng, just for infor, how much? hehehe

agnes, what a good photographer, like your picture too.

kiat, some of the church members still asking where is your sons? hope you can cope up with your life over there.

Maria, thanks for your help, appreciate it.

kui, sorry for not being able to meet you.

heng, can see you are very contented with your family and life over there.

Liang, ............keep fit.............malaysia boleh????????.........hehe........

ah kiong

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Liang and Yen!!!
May a thousand tulips bring you a thousand wishes from all of us around the world...!

Yen, when are you going to post a picture of your dream guy for all of us to share...:)

Best wishes from Patrick

My wife and two kids!!!!

Hi everyone,

Photos only show my wife and two kids. Ryan Lu is 6 years old and Raynell Lu is 3 years old. i will include my photo later.

Thank you

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

five children from p family

hello, everybody, I have two kids, Phoebe ( 8 years old / Pearson ( 4 years old) ... do guess which two look like me ...

Then, there are 3 more belong to my elder sister Pauline, Philip ( 7) Patrick ( 6) and Priscilla ( 4)

Do make a guess, ha ha ha

this photo taken in my school... the rest of children are my adopted children...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Get together "Minum" in Bintulu

On 4 June, we all met up at "Shake Shake Ice - Parkcity, Bintulu"

Wong King Shiou, Richard Kong, Ting Chu Yi, Grace Lee, Lee Swee Poh, Han Chiew Yen

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Greeting from KK, Sabah

Hi, To all my 'old' friends,

It has been 15 years we didn't meet up, such a loooooong time...... when I heard Yen said about reunion, I was really excited. I think it's time to get down to earth and plan to have the reunion. It is easy for me to say that coz i live nearby only, I can fly anytime. For those of you who are overseas, when are you all planning to come back?

As for me, I never leave music line since then. Still teaching music and performing. And I have two kids now, girl - 8 years old and boy - 6 years old.

FYI, Swee Poh's grandmother just pass away few days ago. "Swee Poh, our condolence to your recent bereavement"

For more information about me please visit

My Family
My Work
My Music School In KK
My Music School In Bintulu

Best wishes & God Bless from Grace Lee

Saturday, June 9, 2007

From Bristol

When I 1st reached Bristol on 15 March, it was freezing, although it was beginning of Spring, it still snowing few days after our arrival.
Well... after so many yrs living under the big hot sun, we enjoy the cold weather here, ^_^ A bit weird but we really enjoy it

One of the few places we visit in the first week, Musical School of Uni of Bristol.
We walk abt 20 mins to reach here fr the hotel we stay, it was really tired as we nvr walk more than 10 mins in Kuching.

Western Super Mere, first beach we reach in UK. It was begining of May, still cold, but it was a good day with beautiful sunshine. We hate raining day cos the rain cn make ur hand freeze.... although i like cold weather ^_^

Wookey Hole, the next place we visit a week aft the beach. For my sons (& myself) to get kn how the "real" dynasaur looked like - and also King Kong
Apart fr that, "Explore @ Bristol" was the next place we visited. For your info, me and my son built a "bridge", "racing car", etc, over there. Very excited, not for my sons but also to myself.

That's all so far, my next place to go should be the "stonehenge", not too far fr Bristol, about 90 mins driving. I hope i cn do it asap.

Bye and cheer!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Agnes in Action

Patrick, nice work on the sister's house design. Very modern and artsy. Nice picture you took too. Your sis must be REALLY proud ... I hope it got listed into local architectural spectacular!

Here are 2 images of Agnes in action (taken by clients) when photographing brides in USA. My work can be seen at my website (mentioned in earlier post).

By the way, does anyone in Bintulu talk to Mao Mao (Moh Wah Kung) recently? She just had a baby for a month. May be you guys can help taking a picture of the infant and publish here. Hope to see more pictures soon!

Oh wait, one more picture of BAD Agnes on motorcycle, a Triumph Rocket III. The background is part of my yard, a pavillion to the right of pic, the house is to the left (not shown); I am in my driveway.

~ Agnes

My Sister's House

Thought some of you may be interested to find out more about what I do..

This is my sister's house that I designed in Miri Sarawak.
The house is designed and built over the internet and telephone calls. My sister managed the bill on site herself. I had lots of sleepless nights answering queries due to the time difference.
Very fulfilling to work on a smaller project and to see it built.
This is what the old house look like! The balcony to the front of the house has been demolished to make room for an two-storey atrium 'glass box'. The lourves provides some privacy to the house.

To the rear of the house, the land slopes right down to form a valley, which presented an opportunity to create a semi-basement self-contained guestroom (my room!). The main house is extended to the back with an additional children play-area and outdoor terrace.

You almost feel like in a completely different world sitting out there, birds chirping away and sometimes you can spot a monkey or two. The garage to the left of the main buiding is a new addition. Upstairs, 3 bedrooms, two bathroom and study area. on Ground Floor, open kitchen dinning, formal living room, bathroom and children play-area to the rear as mentioned earlier. Lower Ground, guest room, ensuite, walk-in-wardrobe and outdoor terrace.

Some architectural shots!!!